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Our story

Why Le P'tit Sniff?

Every day we observe more and more clearly that, from the earliest age, scents and odours are essential in our lives, and how devastating it is to lose our sense of smell. With Le P'tit Sniff we want to promote olfactory education and rehabilitation in a friendly, simple and respectful way.
This is how we came with the idea of a new tool to encourage and facilitate the discovery of scents and odours and to train the nose while having fun.

The beginning of a great adventure

An encounter between :

  • Valerie, experte dans le monde du parfum, en quête d’un petit diffuseur à garder toujours avec soi pour sentir des bonnes odeurs partout
  • Michel, véritable “Géo Trouvetou” inventeur de diffuseurs olfactifs révolutionnaires de grande qualité. 
  • Helmut designer who gave the P'tit Sniff its aesthetic and ergonomic shape.

And most of all ... all the first P'tits Sniffers!
Together we have created a small, light personal diffuser for all noses.

Leah and Hugo have now joined the team for communication and project management !

A team with a sharp nose !

Our commitments

Our motivation to contribute to the development of the olfactory sense is linked to the respect of our users and to the French companies savoir-faire.


Olfactory workshops
Involved with the CEW, a professional network in the field of beauty and perfume, we animate olfactory workshops in hospitals with patients who have been affected by various traumas, in order to help them to rehabilitate their sense of smell, to recover their memories and to refocus on the present.

Health and Environment

The P'tit sniff has been designed in respect of the sense of smell and the olfactory environment of our users.

Its air-blown molecular diffusion ensures that the odours do not remain in the atmosphere and do not come into direct contact with the olfactory mucosa.
The P'tit Sniff is CE certified.

MAdein France03

Le P'tit Sniff is made in France

Engineering and industrial production: Pays de Loire
Electronics : Ile de France
Assembly: Eure and Ile de France
Perfumes: Provence

This is a deliberate approach that allows us to guarantee quality and proximity.

Only a few electronic components are imported.

An idea ? a project? Please contact us!
Tell us about your project with Le P'tit Sniff and we will make it happen with you.